Music is a verb’- Ornette Coleman

Ventana al Jazz provides an open window into the community of music, art, culture and gastronomy through a series of music events across the country. From San Juan, to Miami and Orlando, and now to New York City and Chicago, the series is forging ahead into new locations in 2016.

Ventana Venues:

Unique open-air concert settings provide harmonious urban locales for lawn style seating, where families and attendees can relax enjoy food and drink, and be accompanied by the smooth sounds of Ventana musicians.

Museums and Performance Art Centers provide elegance, while sports venues offer Ventana al Jazz in a pre- and post-game tailgate type celebration.



Ventana al Jazz is a connector, bringing music, art, and cultural experiences together to for a broad audience. 

We accomplish our goal by providing a window for artists and the public to step through and experience together that original American artform known as Jazz. Jazz is restless.  Jazz is multicultural.  Jazz is a verb.

Ventana al Jazz will continue to embody its mission through featured monthly music series', city festivals, food shows, sporting events and other non-traditional jazz venues.  Come join us and see what it is all about!